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Your time, knowledge, expertise

We know that we have an ambitious vision to assist the communities on the Navajo Nation grow into collective action communities.   We also know that it is only through the strength of collective action that we will help our communities to mitigate the impacts of our changing planet.

We are so appreciative of the people who step up to share their time, knowledge or expertise to help our vision become real. 


Below are ideas for  how you might become involved. Or contact us and we can discuss how to work together in a good way.

Watershed Planning

  • Installing rain gutters and tanks at homes that will capture and store rain water from the roofs. 

Permasis Farm Project

We are building the Permasis (Permanent Oasis) Farm which will focus on food security.

  • Instructors for  building and sustaining healthy soil, growing nutrient rich sustainable and native crops, and capturing the water, while adapting with the changing climate.

  • Help build rammed earth homes. This will offer a viable alternative to the popular mobile home and provide more resilient structures as we face climate change.

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Be a catalyst for solving bureaucratic challenges 

  • Assist citizens with writing letters, filling out forms and applications, and preparing documents for various government entities as they pertain to land use permits, grazing permits, homesite leases, and other matters.

  • Assist with developing conservation plans and researching other conservation resources that will promote increased stewardship of the land that include holistic strategies that evoke climate change.

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Seeds of Harmony’s vision is to invest the communities to grow into collective action communities.


Each of our objectives have various facets which overlap in the doctrines of permaculture, sustainability, and ecological responsibility. These principles will enrich our communities to grow in beauty as they learn to practice and maintain a healthy way of life.


  • Host or teach workshops, seminars, and projects that are designed to rally the communities to share and teach techniques to help mitigate the impacts of our changing planet.

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Image by Hatham
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