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Our Logo

We would like to thank Navajo artist, Cal Nez, for designing our logo. 


The cornstalk is a shared image among the Diné (Navajo).  Corn is sacred and is a staple for our people. It has roots in the Emergence Story and is used in many teachings. 


The seven circles of the tassel represent the hope for a sustainable world seven generations into the future. The circle is infinite, it is known to represent wholeness, Self, a supernatural motion that keeps moving continuously. Many natural cycles are depicted with a circle representing a cycle, the water, mineral, biological cycles, the season cycle, and the rotation of the Earth around the Sun.


Water is depicted digitally which represents the current digital age we are in and the water crisis we are facing.


From its roots to the tassel, the cornstalk keeps us grounded in modern and traditional life.  All these things together bring us back full circle to the Earth, our ancestors, and future generations.

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