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Our Team

Our personal roots are also within the heart of the Navajo Nation.  .......


Melinda O'Daniel

Executive Director, Board Secretary/Treasurer

Melinda is, Is’ Ton’ Aiyeh’ (San Carlos Apache) born for Kin łichíí’nii (Diné).  Melinda is a child at heart.  As a child she often visited her Father’s homelands in the Lukachukai, Round Rock and Chuska Mountian region of the Navajo Nation.  As a young girl she became attached to the land and chose to nurture her family among her relatives in Round Rock, Arizona.  Melinda started her career working at a geotechnical environmental engineering firm, later worked as a Transportation Planner with the Denver Regional Council of Governments.  Here she was introduced to the water quality program which led her to a career with the Navajo Nation EPA – Water Quality/NPDES Program implementing the Federal and Navajo Nation Clean Water Acts for the past 20 years.  Through these experiences Melinda has learned that honoring and protecting our water is vital to our existence. She is dedicated to planting the rain, restoring our land and caring for our eldest relative, the Earth.


Mehki Ben

Eco-Advocate Support Staff

Mekhi’s clans are Tó’ahání Naakai łizhiníí Naaneesht’ézhí ta’chii’nii Naakai łizhiníí.  Mekhi grew up in Tsaile, Arizona, caring for and hauling water to drink and meet other needs. Over the years, Mekhi has seen how water gets wasted and always wanted to show that water is more than a thing to play with.  His grandparents taught him that water is our eldest grandparent.  Mekhi completed a Natural Builder Design course and is excited to share his knowledge, bring the community together to explore and help each other build homes using natural materials that will endure the change in climate. This job has given Mekhi a way to meet new people, learn more about watersheds, the impacts of climate change, and the history of the land.


Richard Campbell

Eco-Advocate Support Staff

Richard's clans are Chishí, Bilagaana, Kin' lichíní, Bilagaana. He lives and grew up in Lukachukai, Arizona. Richard is a part of our Eco-advocate support staff. He graduated from Eastern Arizona College with his AA in general studies. Richard was attracted to Seeds of Harmony because it is caring and helping both the Earth and the people through water conservation. He loves his community and helps in any way he can. Richard also works with another non-profit during the summer called Wings of America, who host running fitness camps all around Native American reservations. It is aimed towards helping the youth stay active and choose healthy lifestyles. Richard now has the opportunity to continue helping communities everywhere throughout the whole year. He hopes to teach many more people how important water is to the Earth and ourselves.

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