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Our Board

Our personal roots are also within the heart of the Navajo Nation.  .......


Melinda O'Daniel

Executive Director, Board Secretary/Treasurer

Melinda is, Is’ Ton’ Aiyeh’ (San Carlos Apache) born for Kin łichíí’nii (Diné).  Melinda is a child at heart.  As a child she often visited her Father’s homelands in the Lukachukai, Round Rock and Chuska Mountian region of the Navajo Nation.  As a young girl she became attached to the land and chose to nurture her family among her relatives in Round Rock, Arizona.  Melinda started her career working at a geotechnical environmental engineering firm, later worked as a Transportation Planner with the Denver Regional Council of Governments.  Here she was introduced to the water quality program which led her to a career with the Navajo Nation EPA – Water Quality/NPDES Program implementing the Federal and Navajo Nation Clean Water Acts for the past 20 years.  Through these experiences Melinda has learned that honoring and protecting our water is vital to our existence. She is dedicated to planting the rain, restoring our land and caring for our eldest relative, the Earth.

Wayne O'Daniel

Board Chair

Wayne is, Tó’áhani (Diné) born for Cherokee/Irish.  Wayne is a member of the Navajo Nation from Big Mountain, Arizona.  Here, he actively experienced the Navajo/Hopi land disputes.  This experience furthered Wayne’s desire to work toward sustainability.  He has always had a passion to grow food. Early in his career he was the FFA California State Farmer.  For much of his life, Wayne managed his family’s ranch in Big Mountain, Arizona.  Growing up ranching, Wayne has always connected with the land and water.  He studied Permaculture under Dan Dorsey and soon began traveling to neighboring tribes in the Southwest with the Black Mesa Permaculture Project as an instructor. In addition, he has extensive background in rainwater harvesting which he practiced throughout his homelands. He is currently studying Holistic Management. Wayne has a desire to teach others to grow their own food in an organic, low-cost, and eco-responsible manner.


Rebecca "Becky" Nave-Cling

Board Vice Chair

Becky is, Kinyaa’áanii (Diné) born for Bilagáana/Cherokee. Becky lives in Tsaile, Arizona. She spent her childhood summers in Blackrock, Arizona where her relatives still live today.  Becky is a community advocate that serves the community selflessly. You often find her delivering food boxes and checking on the elderly, and the children most in need. She always gives freely.  During the COVID pandemic she was inspired to grow a garden.  It was AWESOME! She and her husband ate healthy.  The beam on his face that they were able to eat what they grew was an amazing feeling.  He was so proud of the bounty they shared with the community.  Becky feels that this is a sign that the Navajo Nation can once again be self-sufficient and have sustainability in our communities.  She strongly supports this new endeavor to better our communities and help one another like we did before in harmony.

Kaitlyn Haskie

Kaitlyn Haskie

Board Member

Kaitlyn Haskie is a citizen of the Navajo Nation her clans are Áshiihi (salt clan), born for the Tó'aheedlíinii (water-flows-together clan). She is from Lukachukai, Arizona but currently resides in Tucson where she is pursuing a Phd at the University of Arizona. She is interested in helping her community and surrounding communities expand and extrapolate on sustainable and healthy ways of living. She was drawn to the Seeds of Harmony organization's mission of caring for the Earth, for the People and in sharing the bounty. 

Wheat Field

Thomas Litson

Board Member

Thomas was a former Navajo District Grazing Committee Member at District 11-3 Tsaile/Wheatfield/Black Rock Chapter.


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